Homemade popcorn



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Making popcorn is truly what I love to do. It’s all of the creative elements i’m passionate about rolled into one and I get to enjoy the rewards immediately…

You know people come into the store a lot asking how to make popcorn at home. Generally, you would think that a store that operates on proprietary information, equipment and ingredients wouldn’t just lay it out there! Would you? The answer is, our secrets aren’t really secrets. And to be really honest they are about as secret as me adding a little french vanilla creamer to my rolled oats or a little cream cheese to my favorite mashed potatoes.

So here the deal….whatever you like to do is the right answer.

So next time you whip up your favorite style of popcorn at home focus on these three things;

1) ratios

2) heat/movement

3) ingredients

The best popcorn is either a complete accident or just well planned and executed.

Let’s talk about ratios – Don’t add to much of anything when your making it at home. I focus on even number ratios. Can you make 2 cups of popcorn with 1/2 cup of oil???? Well yes! Will it taste different if I use 1 full cup….Well, Yes! So whats the best rule of thumb? If you can’t decide, you can never go wrong with a 2-1 ratio. 1 cup of corn to 1/2 of cup of oil.

Heat and movement – The hotter you pop popcorn the more volatile it is. Kind of the way I like it. But that’s not how the movies do it. So the higher heat, the quicker you will have to move it around. That’s it.

Ingredients: Just go with it. Throw every rule out the window. Add it all or add nothing at all. Drive that pink Suzuki Samurai with the top down and love it!

Looking for great popcorn kernels? try http://shop.mawnpawkettlekorn.com/Web+-+Gourmet+Mushroom+Corn.html

thanks and enjoy!

Johnny P.

(P.S. – I don’t proof read…. I feel it takes away from spontaneity and truthfulness. so if this thing is full of ammo for all you English majors) ;/

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Looking for a way to help a Great Cause or Organization?

Did you know we could help you with that!

Whether you are trying to raise money for a school or for Non-Profit you care about, consider using Maw N Paw Kettlekorn.

We offer discounted pricing for you or your group to re-sell our product and keep the profits.

Up to 50% return on what you sell

If it’s a little or a lot we are here for you and believe in what you passionate about.

Email me today!

Johnny Kendall




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We have raised almost $700 towards our FOR THE TROOPS popcorn fundraiser.

It’s been pretty awesome see our communities rally around this opportunity.

At Maw N Paw Kettlekorn we are dedicated to our customers. Sometimes we get a call to action and we silently act but never let people know what we are doing. Over the years, we have donated 100 of baskets and tins to Church’s, Schools and community organizations. Sometimes even dollars to send little Johnny to camp. And believe it or not 1,000’s of bags to organizations worthy of the product. It feels good to help other people and that has been stitched into the ethos of our brand.

I’m not going to lie; when we got the message to help I debated opening this up to the public. But the way I see it, it’s kind of selfish for me not too. We are not looking for anything more than to help someone out who needs it. However, if I’m silent I don’t give anyone else the ability to participate. We are fortunate to be out there in the public catching all these requests. That’s a privilege and not everyone gets these chances.

So we opened this one up and the response has been nothing short of fantastic. I wanted to personally thank everyone who has donated and written a personal note on the labels we generated to put on the bags.

This week we will begin to prepare around 500 bags of popcorn to go into special boxes of essentials for the troops overseas. Be on the lookout for pictures and if you haven’t donated consider it next time you are in the shop or donate online at,


A very big , THANK YOU

Johnny Kendall


For The Troops

We are thankful for the selfless commitment Our Troops have for OUR COUNTRY!
That’s why, Maw N Paw Kettlekorn and POP4LIFE are partnering to send 1000 bags of popcorn to our active duty service men and women.

However, to make this possible we need your help. It’s simple. Donate! We will do the rest.

We are launching a campaign this February and March to support our TROOPS overseas. We have partnered with FORTHETROOPS to send bags of popcorn and other essential items to the Men and Women serving all over.

You can donate online at:


Or in person at the shop:

24881 Alicia Pkwy STE D

Laguna Hills, CA 92653
“For The Troops is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing members of the American military with “We Care” packages containing basic necessities, goodies, games and—most of all—a show of support. Since its inception in 2005, For The Troops has substantially grown in volunteers and donors, and has distributed more than 100,000 packages year-round to American troops who risk their lives overseas every day—far away from the comforts of home.” (FORTHETROOPS)

FYI – If you have any active Military that you would like to request a care package for, let us know and we will pass along the information to FORTHETROOPS.

With much gratitude,

Johnny Kendall

Maw N Paw Kettlekorn


Giving Campaign 2014


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We are thankful for all of our wonderful customers, clients and wholesale partners. We are thankful that our product can bring smiles to peoples faces everyday!
We are thankful for….. the times that we mess up, because they help us be a better company.
We thank you for being here for us and helping us move our company forward.

But most of all we are thankful that we can give back!

This year we have given numerous baskets, tins and popcorn to deserving groups, customers and clients we are dedicated to. We are so excited to announce our involvement with a backpack campaign. We have decided to partner with a local group that gives backpacks full of items designated to the less fortunate.

We have already helped them give over 20 backpacks this year valued at over ($1500)

We have also helped them give over 1500 bags of popcorn to local food banks, homeless shelters and sober living homes.

MAW N PAWs Contribution…
For a limited time only we will be sponsoring backpacks for the needy.
From Nov 21st to Nov 30th we will donate a percentage of our overall sales online to help give backpacks full of essentials to local homeless, foster kids and families in need.
To Learn More you can get updates from
Type in coupon code …  “GIVEBACK” online and receive a 20% discount store wide. 
(we will donate 20% of these sales back to our community)
Make sure to use this code for us to track — ONLINE ONLY
SHOP ONLINE AND GIVE>>>>>Click save and give!

We are stepping up! Will you?
Offer Expires11/30/2014 Available online only! 

Things to come!


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We are pretty excited to be launching into the Holiday season. It really is our favorite time of year. We take a lot of pride being the people that provide tasty snacks and kettle korn to so many people. The end of the year represents a time of things coming to an end and the bringing in the new.

Next year we have a lot of new things coming your way.

From new flavors – to New packaging to better ingredients.

I hope to document the process here on our blog to keep our loyal fans and customers up to date on the adventure.

This really is an adventure. Thank you for riding shotgun!

Check out www.mawnpaw.com

Web promotion: Maw N Paw Kettlekorn Deal. Type in Pawkorn and receive 20% online coupon. Offer good until Dec, 31st, 2014.

Johnny Kendall










Gina’s Al Fresco, Maw N Paw, Pageant of the Masters


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Several years ago Maw N Paw Kettlekorn teamed up with Gina’s Alfresco to provide product at the

Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach, CA.

What is it?

“Ninety minutes of “living pictures” – incredibly faithful art re-creations of classical and contemporary works with real people posing to look exactly like their counterparts in the original pieces. An outdoor amphitheater, professional orchestra, original score, live narration, intricate sets, sophisticated lighting, expert staff, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers have won recognition for the Pageant as the best presentation of its kind.”

Click here to buy tickets

Also, Many thanks to Gina’s al Fresco… RATED THE BEST PIZZA IN OC.. and we know it because we eat it all the time.

Check out all their store locations HERE: STORE LOCATIONS





Profile: Johnny Kendall

Kettlecorn Profile.


Name: Johnny Kendall

Position: Everything Man

DOB: 10/4/1985

Favorite Sport: Surfing

Favorite Kind of Food: Mexican

Favorite thing to do on your day off: Go to the beach

Something interesting about your self:

Favorite Quote: “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone!”

Favorite thing about working at the shop: Our customers – we seriously have some really cool people come in here.

Favorite Kind of Popcorn: Kimber Korn – We only make it for special occasions

Funny Story about the store: I was making popcorn one day and a 400 degree popcorn shot down my shirt and straight into my butt crack. It decided to go into my underwear. It was like hot potato in the wrong place. HAHA

Favorite Candy at the shop: Milk chocolate malt balls – but in the freezer HMMMM. Yummy



Post on our FB to win today!!

Good morning Monday! What can we do today to make someone smile. How about a warm hello? How about shaking the persons hand in the cubicle next to you who you don’t particularly care for?

Sometimes we all need a hello, a hug, a kiss, five seconds of listening.

Today at MAW N PAW — we are going to just try a little harder when you come in. When you call in, and when you email us.

HAVE A great DAY.

Johnny Popcorn